Next to growing your business as a service, we establish partnerships as well. We invest our team’s time and resources in growing your company based on revenue share. Because we invest a significant amount of money and time in your website, we establish partnerships for the longer term. This way we both benefit from this growth over the long term.


Based on our growth methodology we use your Analytics data to assess if there is fit between our companies. We analyse both your online marketing campaigns and your website’s conversion rate. We break this down into more than 10 KPI’s that we can influence to grow your online revenue. We asses your current KPI performance to see how much we can improve. Based on this we can show you a growth projection for the coming 36 months.


Next we’ll collect additional information about the infrastructure of your company, how your team is structured and what online efforts you’re currently deploying. Based on our quantitative assessment and the information on your business we will create a growth strategy for your business. With this online strategy we now know how fast we can accelerate your business.


Once we have a deal we will start building your business online. This is based on the checks and balances of online marketing and conversion rate optimization. With the broad knowledge amongst our team of experts, we will set up online marketing campaigns and improve the performance of your website. This is done in a monthly cycle of build, measure, learn. Both our online marketing team and our conversion rate optimization team will work on your website on a monthly basis, to ensure we make our growth goals.

Our ideas for a perfect candidate for partnership companies:

  • Your team is between 1 and 3 people
  • Someone in your team is doing online marketing, but is not a full-time online marketeer
  • Your annual revenue is between € 250.000 to € 600.000
  • Your margin is higher than 15% of your revenue
  • Your conversion rate is between 0,4% - 1,5%
  • Your online marketing budget is between € 2.000 - € 10.000
  • Your business doesn’t rely on heavy seasonality like sale in fashion or selling snowboards in winter.
  • Your inventory is ready for scaling up (if we double your revenue, there is enough inventory to actually sell). Digital products is the best case for us.
  • You are willing to rapidly increase your business in a high-pressure process with a team of superstars!