In 3 months we will improve your conversion rate based on our growth methodology.


Tool implementation

We will implement the best A/B testing and Growth hacking tools to get insights from your visitors and customers.


Ideation based on data

We will analyse your website’s data and based on the insights retrieved from your data, we will improve your conversion rate.

ConversionXL framework.jpg

We use 6 sources of data that we analyse to find actionable insights.

The insights will find opportunities on 5 different levels. We call this the Conversion Pyramid. Starting from the bottom we will improve your website’s performance.

End result: a big list of actionable insights and ideas to start improving your website.



From the data we will make a list of ideas to test. These ideas are then prioritised based on our growth methodology and planned to have the experiments with the most impact done first. This ensures we get as much growth as we possibly can. End results: we know where we will start with testing.



We will create experiments using A/B testing software in collaboration with your developers.


Analyse the results

After the experiment, we analyse an experiment and share the results with you and your team.

End result: we know if we should implement the changes to your website and how much more money that will make you.

What you’ll get:

You will have a significant growth in conversion rate that will make you more money from the same visitors. We will calculate this over the timespan of 12 months in the future. We will share our results and the testing ideas with you as well. This ensures you can keep testing (if you want to) and continue our process.



One time fee for 3 months: € 25.000

Everything we do is data-driven and so is our pricing model. We will only work for you if our conversion optimization will make you more money then it will cost you. So we want you to make at least € 25.000 extra revenue in the future 12 months after our 3 month challenge. This makes sure you are happy, and so are we.

This works best for websites exceeding € 1 million in revenue (or the equivalent in another currency). Minimum annual revenue for optimization is depending on your gross margin. Feel free to contact Ewoud to discuss this.

Included in the 3 months conversion rate optimization:

  • Setting up data tracking
  • Conversion research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Planning and prioritising of your experiments
  • Experiment design
  • Setting up A/B tests in Optimizely or VWO
  • Analyzing and reporting on growth
  • Excluded from fee: tools we use like Optimizely, HotJar, Google Analytics